Event Digital Marketing

event digital advertising

Concert Promotion

SoCalAds provides advertising to concert promoters and marketers.

Sporting Events Promotion

SoCalAds advertises sporting events.

Conference Promotion

SoCalAds advertises conferences. to potential drive-in and fly-in visitors.

SoCalAds can reach audiences at an event or promote the event to drive attendance. We consult with you to understand the customer persona(s) and overlay rich data to precisely target the audience. This has the effect of reducing media waste. Moreover, we arrange your creative message and the device the ad appears on to appear at the most viewable time and location.



SoCalAds targets locations near or around and an event.

We custom define audiences in  4 ways to improve targeting:


  • We identify content that will be used to engage specific audience.
  • We react to actions by audience towards ads.
  • We take into account the total apps installations.
  • We review the physical places visited.


 This data analysis helps you get better results.