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We place Targeted Internet Ads, Connected TV (CTV) ads, and Mobile Ads Using Our own Advertising Technology.

Display Ad Format Options We Offer

Marketers use display advertisements by tailoring their ads towards an audience based on the websites and terrestrial locations that a specific audience has already visited. These sites and locations are called a consumer’s journey. Display ads are most useful to companies that have a marketing objective of brand awareness or branding. Other advantages of display advertising include more relevant impressions than PPC ads, effective and efficient ads, the ability to access premium publishers, a high degree of audience targeting based on geography, affinity, and lifestyle known as psychographics or behavioral marketing strategy. These features allow marketers to re-target and craft powerful memorable visual messages to engage this audience stimulating recall the next time they make a purchase decision. Display ads are most effective at influencing, conveying, and leaving a memorable or impressionable message, to announce an event, and/ or launch a product or service. Display ads do an excellent job of reaching a lot of similar people quickly in one or more locations or media markets simultaneously and repeatedly. If lead generation is what you’re after check out our PPC Ads Management Service.

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SoCalAds is a digital media advertising buying agency.


Digital media buying is the process of purchasing placements for advertisements on websites, apps and other digital platforms. SoCalAds places several types of display ads and ad formats, shown below, on digital publishers in a highly targeted and relevant way to get your message seen and/or heard by the right audience. We work directly with advertisers (or creative agencies) who have already designed their own (or clients’) creative and written ad copy.



Your account manager can help you select a display ad format that’s best for your situation and intended audience. At SoCalAds we connect you with the inventory you need.

Display Advertising

Display Ad Format

SoCalAds has access to large and premium inventories of publishers to place display ads.

Display ad formats communicate product, service, brand messages visually using logos, images, text, videos, anime and other graphics. When you see a display ad you’ll know it — banner ads are an example of a static display ad.




Display ads are excellent to build awareness for a new product or service launch, upcoming event, or to support ongoing brand awareness. 

Video Advertising

Video Ad Format

SoCalAds has a wide selection of publishers to place video ads.


Video Display Ads convey a message through video creative produced by the advertiser or its agency.


Video display ads are classified into two different categories:

InStream: they play before, during or after the video streaming content.

Out-Stream: Appear outside of video streaming content inside or outside text or article content.


SoCalAds offers both instream and outstream ad placement. We work with clients who want to place in-banner video ads, in-article video ads, native video ads for news feeds and articles, and interstitial video ads in a mobile video app.


Native Display Advertising

Native Ad Format

SoCalAds offers you access to a plethora of publishers to place your native advertisement.


Native Ads match the look and feel of the webpage on which they appear. They don’t look like advertisements. 


Native ads have some special use cases.


Native ads are effective to build brand awareness.



SoCalAds can work with your existing creative and copy to place native ads within editorial content on publisher websites.

Search Advertising

Internet TV Ad Format (CTV/OTT)

SoCalAds offers ad placement on Connected TVs (Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, streaming boxes). Ads appear when users watch Live TV programs or on demand TV content.



SoCalAds trades TV inventory. We leverage data to serve the right ad creative to the right people. 

Advertisers are able to target highly relevant audience segments. Internet TV Ads have some unique benefits. Building awareness metrics are achievable with Internet TV Ads.



Mobile Advertising

Mobile Ad Format

Mobile Ads are found on the mobile version of websites and editorial content. Alternatively, In-app ad formats are mobile games, in-app creatives, video ads, interactive ads, static ads, and banners that the consumer views after they have already installed or accessed a mobile app on their phone or tablet. Further still, app developers can advertise their app to generate app installs.

Mobile ads offer a high degree of traffic attribution to the user and their device allowing the advertisements to be highly targeted and relevant to the audience.

SoCalAds can make sure your advertisement show to the specific audience for which the product or service was intended.

Local Advertising

Local Ad Format

“Geofencing is a virtual geographic boundary, defined by GPS or RFID technology, that enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area”, says Google.


Retail establishments and shopping malls can use the same technology to push notifications and offers and deals to visitors while the visitor is within a predefined area.

SoCalAds can help your firm’s ad campaign by using geo-fencing around a location of significant importance or relevance to send display ads to a specific audience on mobile devices.

Build Your Brand with Display Ads

Build Brand Awareness

Targeted digital ads are excellent at targeting a specific demographic, affinity, and location.

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Increase Impressions While containing Costs

Your ad spend budget will go further at SoCalAds. Our competitive prices and targeting will get your message seen and/or heard by the right audience.

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Get more Impressions with Re-targeting

Retargeting with SoCalAds boosts engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Digital advertising conveys commercial messages visually using logos, images, text, videos, animations and other graphics. Display ads look distinctly like ads. Banner ads are a traditional display ad.

Rich media ad formats adjust to available publisher ad space in and ad sizes.

No. At this time SoCalAds does not use or service Google or Facebook ad networks. However, we complement your Google or Facebook ad spend.

SoCalAds specializes in local advertising. We offer geo-fencing and re-targeting services.

SoCalAds is media planning and buying agency. At this time we are not offering creative production services or copywriting services however we may be able to refer you to a creative agency so check with us.

Native ads match the look and feel of the webpage where they appear making them indistinguishable from editorial content found on the page. They do not look like advertisements.

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